View if my BoatUs Discount was Applied


Once you have saved your Boat US membership to your Dockwa account, any discount on dockage will be automatically applied to your reservation request. You can review your discount during the reservation process before you click "Request Reservation". You will see the discount in the Pricing section (below screenshot). 

You can also see exactly how much of a discount you should be getting at the specific marina you are requesting at, at the top of the same page. Not all marinas work with BoatUS. Some marinas who use BoatUS do both dockage and fuel discounts, and some only do fuel discounts.


What Should I do if my Discount has Not been Applied?  

If your discount has not been applied, follow the below instructions:

1) Have you saved your BoatUS membership number to your personal Dockwa Account? If not, follow these instructions to do so: Add my Boat US Membership on the

2) If you have tried this and your membership will not "verify" - please check with BoatUS to make sure your BoatUS membership information is correct. Instructions here: Cannot Upload my Boat US Membership

3) If you have a saved and verified BoatUS membership and no discount is showing up - check to make sure the marina offers BoatUS discounts. You can do so on the marinas Dockwa profile as well as the last page of the reservation process: Identify Boat US Marinas

If you continue to have trouble after following the above steps, please contact the Dockwa Support Team at for assistance 

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