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Should a guest come into the office to complete the contract or decide they want to mail in a signed version of their contract, as the marina you have the option to "Complete Contract In-House" via Dockwa. This eliminates the requirement for the guest to go online to complete the agreement that was sent to them via email and allows your team to expedite the contract/payment collection process.  Please follow the step by step instructions below to navigating the "Complete Contract In-House" tool.


Step by Step:

  • Open the "Customers" page on the left-hand navigation panel
  • Search the customer that is looking to complete their contract in-person by name or email
    • Click to open their customer contact profile
  • Once on the contact profile, select the "Contracts" tab
    • Here you will see the outstanding contract in yellow
    • Click "EDIT"
  • Once on the editing contract page, select the "Complete Contract In House" option

Note that this function does not allow the customer to digitally provide a signature.  Should you require a signature for legal purposes, you will want to print out a copy of the contract to be signed in house.  This hard copy will then need to be filed on-site for future use.  The completion of the contract in the Dockwa system will allow you to manage payments, communicate with the customer via CHAT, and track all contracts/reservations in the system.

Contact with any questions.  Thank you.

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