Has the Refund Processed Successfully Back to the Boater?


When issuing a refund back to a boater via Dockwa, please review the examples and screenshot below to ensure it has been sent back to the customer successfully.

  • All the information you will need can be found under the "Scheduled Payments" section of the customer's reservation in Dockwa.
  • Under "Type" you will see a green dot and the label "Refund"
  • You will also see the negative sign on the dollar amount at the end of the line, indicating this amount is being refunded to the customer. 
  • Finally, a link to a "Receipt" will appear that will allow you to view the receipt that was sent to the customer digitally via email

NOTE: In this particular example, you can also see that the "Amount Paid" at the bottom of Scheduled Payments equals $0.00 - as does the Total amount on the bill below that. Indicating that the full refund went through and the money was sent back to this customer. 


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