Communicate with the Marina before signing your Contract


If you have received a contract quote from a marina via Dockwa and need to communicate with them prior to signing the agreement, use the "Message with Marina" link located at the bottom of the contract quote page. In order to communicate, you will need to sign in to your existing Dockwa account or Sign Up for an account if you don't have one. You can create one by following the instructions below the screenshot.

Note: Please make sure that you log in or sign up with the same email address your marina has used to create your contract in Dockwa. (If you received the Dockwa email at that email address it is safe to assume this was the address used). 



If you are new to Dockwa: Click here to Sign Up!

  1. Enter a valid Email address you will have access to for a while
  2. Enter your name 
  3. Generate a valid password (Minimum 6 Characters)
  4. Confirm your password

Congratulations! You now have an account with Dockwa. You can now sign your contract using the email you were sent by the marina through Dockwa. Click here for further instructions: How to Sign your Digital Contract on

We also strongly recommend you continue filling in your profile here to gain the most benefits from the platform. This will include:


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