Create Coupon Codes with Dockwa


Coupon Codes are a great way to bring more boaters into your marina, whether you're looking to fill your slips during the shoulder season, or you just want to keep your marina bustling all year round! To create a new Code, find the Coupon Code tab in the Account menu drop down under "Settings". 

Choose "Add New Coupon Code" and fill in the required sections. 

  • Coupon Code: name your code something simple that is easy for boaters to type in 
  • Discount Percent: the percent amount the coupon code will allow the boater to have off their dockage, electric or total bill
  • Apply To: choose here what you want to coupon code to apply to (i.e. the boaters total bill, just their dockage or just electric) 
  • Description: (of the promotion) this description is for you and your staff to recognize the promotion. Boaters will not see this description 


The "Optional Constraints" in the next section are not required but do help to further specify your promotion.

  • Expires On: This is the date (day/month/year) the promotion will expire on. If no expiration date is set, the promotion will continue indefinitely unless manually expired. 
  • Reservation nights starting on & Reservation nights ending on: You can specify the exact range of Reservation dates that your coupon code applies to. Example, if you set the start date as May 1st and the end date as August 30th, any boater booking a reservation for September will not be able to apply the coupon code. 
  • Global Limit: Max number of codes that can be used in total
  • Boater Limit: The number of boaters who can claim this coupon code


Dockwa Deals: 

The Dockwa Deals page displays marina Coupon Codes and promotions to boaters. If you would like your Coupon Code published to this page, enter a short description for the boater in this section and check the "publish to Dockwa Deals" box. Please note, your entry will go through a short review process by Dockwa before it is published to the Dockwa Deals page. 

  • Learn more about listing your Coupon Code on the Dockwa Deals page HERE
  • View the current Dockwa Deals page HERE 
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