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  1. Select "Account" at the top right of the screen

  2. Select "Trips" in the drop-down menu

"Trips" can also be accessed through the link here:


Once you click on a reservation, you can view the details below:


Each of these sections has information about your current or upcoming reservation:

1. Actions you can take: In this area you can print or share your Itinerary. It is also where you can send a message to the marina or cancel your reservation.

2. Reservation Status: Your reservation ID is located here along with the "status of your reservation" The above example picture shows a green "confirmed" tag. If it is yellow the status is "pending" and red is "cancelled".

3. Amenities Notes (only available on current trips): These notes will become available when your reservation is a "current trip". Marinas can update information on their Wifi, the gate/ bathroom codes and other important information they would like to communicate with boaters during their stay.

4. Approach: This information will help get you to the right location when you arrive at the Marina.

5. All Payment Information: The total price of your reservation is broken down here, along with the date you paid, or are scheduled to pay. You can also view and change your payment method here. Change the payment method by clicking "Change Card". (Please note: this will only change your payment method on this individual reservation)

On the Dockwa App:

  1. Tap the "Trips" icon at the bottom of your screen to view your trips

  2. Click "view" on the Trip you'd like to view (Screen shots below)


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