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Why was a Boater's Reservation Expired
Why was a Boater's Reservation Expired
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At Dockwa, we're dedicated to connecting boaters worldwide and continually enhancing their experiences. A key factor we've identified for a positive boater experience is the responsiveness and accuracy of marina availability. To support this, we've developed tools enabling marinas to manage reservations efficiently and accurately, aligning with our policy to enhance the boater experience.

48-Hour Response Window for Reservations

To maintain a high standard of service, we've implemented a specific timeframe for managing reservations:

  • Pending Reservations: Reservations marked as 'Pending' have a 48-hour limit. If not addressed within this period, they will automatically expire.

Extending Reservation Timeframes

Understanding the dynamic nature of marina operations, we offer a way to extend this window:

  • Requesting an Extension: If you need more time to address a reservation, you can request a 24-hour extension by taking the following two steps:

    1. Email or Chat Dockwa Support to indicate your need for extension

    2. Send a direct message to the boater on the reservation, explaining the delay.

Handling Reservations Beyond Arrival Dates

  • Expired on Arrival Date: Regardless of the pending duration, reservations that surpass their requested arrival date will be automatically expired.

Managing Expired Reservations

In cases where a boater's reservation expires yet they have stayed or still intend to stay at your marina:

Remember: Timely and accurate management of reservations is crucial in ensuring a positive experience for boaters. If you encounter any challenges or have questions about managing reservations, our support team is always ready to assist.

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