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What Notifications/Updates does Dockwa automatically send my Contract Customers?
What Notifications/Updates does Dockwa automatically send my Contract Customers?
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When I send a contract quote to one of my customers, what automated email notification does Dockwa send to them?

Contract Signing Notifications

Once you are ready to send out the contract agreement to your customer, please follow the instructions here. After you hit send, the customer will receive the following email notifications until the contract is signed:

  1. The initial Send will send a "Your Agreement is Ready to Sign" email notification to the customer.

  2. If they do not sign the contract at that point, a "Friendly Reminder" email will be sent 5 days after the initial send.

  3. If the contract remains unsigned, "Friendly Reminder" emails will continue to send every 7 days until signed or declined by the boater, or expired by you (the marina).

  4. Once the contract is signed the customer will get a notification email that the contract is complete, attached will be a copy of their signed agreement.

NOTE: If a boater wants to stop getting these reminder emails for any reason, they need to Sign or Decline the contract. If they are having trouble doing this, you can also "Expire" the contract for them from their Contract Group page in "Contracts". Expiring the contract will send them one final email notifying them the contract has been expired.

If you have received notification that the customer is having trouble signing, please have them contact [email protected] for assistance. If the customer has completed their contract and payment in-person or via the mail, please review the steps to Complete the Contract in-House here.

Contract Payment/Billing Notifications

Once the contract has been signed and converted automatically to a reservation in Dockwa, the system will automate payment reminders. If the customer has selected to pay with Cash or Check, the notifications will be dependent on you (the marina) manually settling the payment received. For more information on tracking manual payments see the second part of: Manually Enter a Reservation for a Boater who has paid in Cash.

Regardless of which method the customer is paying by (Cash/Check or credit card), they will be sent two reminder notifications about upcoming payments due:

  1. The first notification will be sent 5 days prior to the payment due date

  2. The second will be sent on the day of payment due date

If the automated credit card transaction is declined or fails to process, please follow the steps detailed here: Payment Decline Information (Marinas)

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