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You can cancel your reservation request any time prior to the marina's local check-in time on the day of scheduled arrival. However, once a reservation has been Confirmed, any cancellation will be subject to the terms of the marina's cancellation policy. Marina specific cancellation policies and check-in times can be found on the marina's Dockwa profile page, in your confirmation email, and during checkout on the reservation request form.

If you cancel a reservation request before it’s been accepted, you will not be charged for the reservation.

To cancel a reservation request on Dockwa App:

  1. Log In to your Account

  2. Click the Trips icon (Calendar) at the bottom of the screen when you open the app

  3. Click to view the Reservation you would like to cancel

  4. Click the red Cancel Reservation Request at the bottom of the screen

To cancel a reservation request on Dockwa Website:

  1. Click Account in the top-right corner of

  2. Click the Trips option

  3. Select the reservation you would like to cancel

  4. Click Cancel Reservation Request

  5. View Marina's Cancellation Policy & Supply a Cancellation Reason


Your reservation will look like this once you cancel it:


Once canceled your cancellation/refund request will be sent to the marina manager for processing. Please be sure to check the marina cancellation policy prior to canceling your reservation.

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