Troubleshooting BoatUS Membership Issues

Problems while uploading your BoatUS membership to your Dockwa profile or not receiving your discounts at participating marinas?

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Verifying Your BoatUS Account

Error: "Couldn't verify your BoatUS account"

Common Issue: Zip Code Errors

Applying Your BoatUS Discounts

Automatic Discount Application

  • Typically Automatic: Discounts are usually applied automatically to your reservation, and are visible in the pricing section.

When Discounts Are Not Applied Automatically

  1. Verify BoatUS Membership on Dockwa: Ensure your BoatUS number is saved in your Dockwa account. Instructions: Add my Boat US Membership on

  2. Check Membership Validity: If verification fails, confirm your membership details with BoatUS.

  3. Confirm Marina Participation: Ensure the marina offers BoatUS discounts. Check on the marina's Dockwa profile or during the last step of the reservation process: Identify BoatUS Marinas.

  4. Manual Discount Application: If the marina participates but the discount isn't applied, contact the marina or email Dockwa Support and we will work with the marina to apply your discount.

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