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Assignments: Using a Placeholder

Use placeholders in your Dockwa Assignments Page to effectively manage marina space for upcoming events and variable boater needs.

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Understanding Calendar Placeholders in Dockwa

We understand the challenges of managing a busy marina, especially when coordinating space for events or specific boaters who haven't made reservations yet. To help you navigate these situations, Dockwa offers a feature called "Calendar Placeholders." A placeholder is an internal tool designed to assist you and your team in efficiently tracking and planning for specific needs at your marina. It's important to remember that a placeholder is not a substitute for an active reservation; it's a strategic planning aid.

How to Create a Placeholder

Creating a placeholder in your Dockwa account is a simple process. Just follow these steps:

  1. Access the Assignments Page:

    • Navigate to your Dockwa account.

    • Click on the 'Assignments' page from the left-hand menu.

  2. Add a Placeholder:

    • In your calendar, locate the mooring or slip where you need the placeholder.

    • Click the plus (+) button next to the relevant mooring or slip number.

  3. Input Placeholder Details:

    • A small screen will pop up.

    • Select the start and end dates for the placeholder.

    • Add a placeholder note. This could be the reason for the placeholder, the name of the boat(s), or the event details.

  4. Save Your Placeholder:

    • After entering the information, click the green 'save' button at the bottom of the screen. Don't overlook this step – it's crucial for recording your placeholder!

  5. View Placeholder in Calendar:

    • Once saved, the placeholder will appear in blue in your calendar.

    • The note you added will be displayed, making it easy to remember the purpose of each placeholder.

Additional Tips

  • Separate Placeholders for Each Slot:

    • You'll need to create a separate placeholder for each mooring or slip. This ensures clear and specific planning for each space in your marina.

  • Edit or Remove as Needed:

    • You can edit or remove a placeholder if plans change. Just click on the placeholder in your calendar and make the necessary adjustments.

  • Coordination and Communication:

    • Share the details of placeholders with your team to ensure everyone is on the same page and can provide the best service to boaters and event organizers.

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