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Re-create an Expired Boater Reservation
Re-create an Expired Boater Reservation
Updated over a week ago

We understand that sometimes reservations expire, yet you find that you can still accommodate the boater or discover that the boater already tied-up and stayed with you. In such cases, here's a straightforward process to re-create the reservation in Dockwa, ensuring you can charge the boater appropriately.

Step 1: Confirm the Boater's Intentions

Before proceeding, it's crucial to verify if the boater still requires the reservation.

  • Initiating Contact: Use the Dockwa chat feature to reach out to the boater through the expired reservation record. This ensures clear communication and confirmation of their needs.

Step 2: Manually Create a New Reservation

Once the boater confirms their interest:

Understanding Reservation Expiry

If you're curious about why the reservation expired in the first place and how to prevent similar situations in the future, we have an informative article that explains the nuances of reservation expirations.

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