Respond to a New Lead
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Dockwa helps marinas throughout the U.S. engage with boaters and advertise their services on-site to boaters.

Boaters can now inquire about multiple different services directly from your marina's Dockwa page. They'll be able to use the General Inquiry "Seasonal/Annual" button to submit their requests, and these requests will show up in your marinas Dockwa account.


To review and respond to new boater leads, follow the step by step instructions below:

  1. When a boater submits a lead at your marina, you will be notified of the lead:

    • Via email

    • On your Dockwa Dashboard homepage

    • In your Dockwa Dashboard menu

You will also receive an email every Monday, reminding you of all of your open leads, and linking you directly to them.


2. Open the email and click on the link to navigate to your Leads page and review new leads. Here, new leads will be marked as "Pending."


3. Reply to respond to the boater and process the lead:

  • To Message the boater, select the "Reply" button, and message them directly.

  • You can also mark different statuses of “Decline, Complete” via the “...” button


Note: Dockwa will expire any lead left "Pending" 8 days after its submission.

4. When you're ready to send the boater their contract, choose "Create Contract" from the "Actions" drop down menu and choose the Contract group you would like this agreement to be categorized under. If you do not have Contract Groups set up, please see HERE.

5. Navigate to your boater's contract group and click "Send." Your boater will receive an email through which they will sign their contract and pay for their dockage.

  • Need help creating a contract in Dockwa? Review Getting Started with Contracts or email [email protected].

  • Still sending contracts and billing customers the old-fashioned way? Click "Decline" on the inquiry to let us know you contacted your boater but will not be sending a contract through Dockwa.

6. If you’d like to create a reservation for the boater, choose “Create Reservation” from the “...” drop down menu. Click here to learn how to create a reservation.

Here's what else you should know.

If you remember nothing else - respond to your leads ASAP. To ensure the boater has a positive experience and isn't "left hanging," Dockwa will expire any lead that is left "Pending" for 8 days. In many cases, these leads are worth thousands of dollars so be sure to follow up quickly. Remember - these boaters are likely submitting leads at other locations!

If you want to receive more boater leads: Put a link to your lead landing page on your website! We can even build you a custom Dockwa-branded button to make it stand out on your page.

If you do not want to receive leads: Let us know, and we can remove it from our page. Send us an email at [email protected] and we will be in touch shortly!

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