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How to create and send Dockwa Contracts
How to create and send Dockwa Contracts
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Dockwa Contracts is the easiest and most effective way to build, send, and collect your seasonal and annual contracts in no time. If you are dreading sending out those contracts and chasing boaters for their payments, Dockwa's Contracts tool is your solution.

Getting started is easy, login to Dockwa and navigate to the Contracts page.

Contract Agreement Creation

The first step of the process involves setting up your agreement in Dockwa. You can upload as many agreement as you wish. There are two ways to do this depending on you the Dockwa software version you are using.

  1. [Older version] Using Documents - Upload a PDF of your agreement on the Contract -> Manage Documents page

  2. [New Version] Using Templates - Create an annotated template with your agreement on the Contract ->Template page

Contract Group Creation

The second step of the process involves creating a contract group which will serve as a folder/organization tool. You can create as many groups as you wish based on your organization preferences. Some marinas prefer to set groups based on their Dock size (such as Dock A, Dock B) while others create them based on their contract type (annual, month to month, annual, rentals, commercial).

  1. Click on the New Contract Group button

  2. Name the group and select the length (Month to Month or Fixed Period) and dates

  3. Set your rate and pricing structure. Add any applicable taxes and select the product type.

  4. Select the payment methods you want to accept

  5. Add Items such as fuel charges, security deposit, etc. This is an optional step.

  6. Document or Template selection - Select the specific document or template containing your agreement that you want customers to sign.

  7. Request Additional Information - You also have the option request boat insurance and registration details or specific questions you want customers to answer. If you want to add a custom note for your customers to see before they sign the agreement, this is where you'd add it.

  8. Once you've completed all the steps, click on the Create Group button to save your new contract group.

  9. After saving, your new contract group will be available to view and manage from the Groups page

Contract Quote Creation

Now you are ready to create quotes for each of your customers.

  1. Go to your newly created contract group

  2. Select Add New

  3. Search for a customer using their name or email address. Once you find and select them, you'll be presented with the cover page of the quote. This quote will automatically adopt the properties that you defined at the group level. However, you have the option to modify the quote to adjust any of these values, as needed.

  4. Once you've made the necessary adjustments, click Create Customer Contact

Contract Sends

You are now prepared to send these contracts to your customers for their signatures.

  1. Go to your newly created contract quote and select Actions -> Send

  2. You'll be promoted to confirm if you want to send the quote to your csutomer. Select Send.

    Within a few minutes, your customer will receive an email with a link to the agreement. To view and sign the agreement digitally, they will need a Dockwa account. Alternatively, they can mail a signed paper copy or visit your office to sign in person. You can then upload their signed copy to Dockwa and mark their contract as completed (see this guide on how to do this here).

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