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Completing Contracts In-House at the Marina
Completing Contracts In-House at the Marina
Updated over a week ago

Should a customer come into the dock office to sign their contract in person or mails in a signed version, as the marina, you can complete the contract in-house using Dockwa.

This feature bypasses the need for your customer to sign the agreement online and is particularly useful for those who struggle with email or technology. Instead they can sign a paper contract, which you can then scan and upload to their Dockwa profile. This keeps all your documents organized in Dockwa, allows you to manage future payments, communicate with the customer via Dockwa chat and track all of their contracts/reservations in the system.

It's important to note that this option should never be used to finalize a customer's contract (especially if their credit card is already on file) without first communicating with the customer and obtaining their explicit consent.

Please follow the step by step instructions below to learn how to use the this feature.


  1. Login to Dockwa and navigate to the Customers page from the left navigation panel.

  2. Search for the customer by their name or email address.

  3. Open their customer profile by clicking on it.

  4. Click to open their customer profile.

  5. Go to the Contracts tab, where you'll find any outstanding contracts.

  6. Click on the Actions button and choose Complete in House

  7. Fill in the requested information. Signed date and a payment method are required. You can add other information now or later. Remember, you have the option to scan the signed paper copy and upload it to keep all your agreements organized in Dockwa.

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