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Accounting Integrations
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Integrate Dockwa with your Accounting System

Dockwa now offers seamless integration with multiple popular accounting platforms, allowing you to sync your financial data automatically with your preferred accounting system.

Supported Accounting Systems

  • QuickBooks Online

  • Oracle NetSuite

  • Sage Intacct

  • Xero


  • Eliminate duplicate data entry and risk of errors with manual processes

  • Save significant time by reducing administrative work

  • Generate financial reports faster with access to up-to-date data

  • Maintain a single source of truth for your financial data

Getting Started

To connect Dockwa to your accounting system,

  1. In Dockwa, log in as an administrator or user with a finance role.

  2. In the navigation bar, click Integrations

  3. In the Setup tab, you will see one of the following accounting systems to connect to:

    1. QuickBooks Online - Connection Guide

    2. Oracle NetSuite - Connection Guide

    3. Sage Intacct - Connection Guide

  4. Once connected, remain in the Setup tab and choose your accounting basis

    1. Cash - records revenue/expenses when cash is received/dispensed

    2. Accrual - records revenue/expenses when transactions occur

  5. For Accrual Accounting, a few more steps are needed complete the setup:

    1. QuickBooks Online - Select the customer from the list of available options. If no customers appear in the list, it means you need to first create one in your Quickbooks instance. We recommend creating a dummy "Dockwa" customer in your Quickbooks instance to track your Dockwa financials.

    2. Sage Intacct - Select Entity from the list of available options.

    3. Netsuite - Select Subsidiary, Location and Department from the list of available options.

  6. Next, click on Import Chart of Accounts to bring in General Ledger accounts into Dockwa.

  7. In the Manage tab, you can see all your Chart of Accounts. You can leave them all selected or only select the one you wish to use with Dockwa.

  8. Go to the Mapping tab and map Dockwa fields to your Chart of Accounts. This makes it easy to read your own data.

  9. Finally, in the Export tab, select the time period and click “Export" to batch your revenue from Dockwa in your chosen date range as journal entries and automatically export them into your connected accounting system records. If something went wrong during the export, you will see the failure reason on the export tab, allowing you to correct the issue and retry the export

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