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Understanding Tips in the Dockwa POS Tool
Understanding Tips in the Dockwa POS Tool
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In this article, you'll learn about the different types of tips you can use within the Dockwa Point of Sale tool. We'll cover on reader tips, manual tips with the M2 Bluetooth reader, and how to track and report these tips effectively.

Types of Tips

1. Tips on the S700

The S700 card reader allows for a seamless tip process during card-present transactions. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Toggling Tip Settings: Marinas can enable or disable tips at the marina level through Account → Settings → Hardware. This setting affects all readers configured in their Dockwa portal.

  • Tip Options: The tip screen offers three preset amounts ($5, $10, $20) and options for "customer tip" or "no tip".

  • Card Payment: After selecting a tip, boaters are prompted to swipe, dip, or tap their credit card.

2. M2 Reader, Manual Credit Card, and Saved Payment Method Tips

The M2 reader requires a more manual approach due to its lack of a screen:

  • Adding Tips Manually: Operators will add items to the cart, select the Bluetooth reader, and then prompt the customer for a tip verbally. This process is the same for saved credit cards and manually entered credit cards.

  • Process:

    • Add items to the cart.

    • Select the Bluetooth reader as the payment method.

    • Enter the customer’s name or proceed as a guest.

    • Prompt the customer for a tip.

Tracking and Reporting Tips

Dividing Tips Among Employees

1. Tips per Employee

To track tips per employee:

  • Using the “Sold by” Feature: Employees should use their own username for each POS sale.

  • Adding Users: Add marina staff as users in Account → Settings → Users. Set them as "Viewers" for limited access.

  • Generating Reports: Use the Z Out report in the Reports section of Dockwa to see the count and total dollar amount of tips per employee.

2. Pooled Tips

For pooled tips:

  • Reports: Use the Z Out Report and Cash Revenue Report.

    • Z Out Report: Provides summary-level data, including tips per employee.

    • Cash Revenue Report: Offers a summary and line item breakdown but does not tie tips to individual employees.


We hope this guide helps you understand how to manage tips using Dockwa's POS tool. Whether you prefer using the S700 card reader or manually entering tips with the M2 reader, these tips should make the process straightforward. Remember to utilize the reporting features to track and distribute tips effectively among your staff.

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