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How to Respond to a Reservation Request
How to Respond to a Reservation Request
Updated over a week ago

You can respond to a new reservation request three ways:

  1. Through your Dockwa Dashboard: Under the "Pending Reservations" section, you will see all new reservation requests. Click on a request to open, and from there you can either confirm, decline, edit, or message directly with the customer should you have any questions.

  2. Through your email: Open up the new reservation request email and click on the link titled "You can view the reservation here." This logs you into your Dockwa dashboard where you can respond to the request.

  3. Through your mobile phone: When you're notified of a new reservation request by text message, click on the link. This will sign you into your Dockwa Dashboard on your phone, where you'll be able to respond to the request. To set up text notifications follow the instructions here: Set my Account up to Receive Text Notifications

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