Error Message when Requesting Reservation
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If you are trying to request a reservation through Dockwa and you see the below error message, please read the instructions in this article to resolve.

  1. "length overall entered is too long for this location" - The LOA (length overall) or Beam of your boat saved in your Dockwa account could be too long or wide for the marina's location - OR your beam might be saved inaccurately in your Dockwa account (most common). In order to check and edit your LOA or beam, please go to the "boats" section of your account, linked here:
    Once updated, you can go back to the Dockwa page of the marina you were attempting to book at and submit your request again. The most common marina for this to happen at is Lake Havasu Marina because they have a 13' beam restriction - see further instructions here

  2. "the marina does not have prices set on these dates yet" - the marina you are trying to request at might not have rates set in Dockwa yet for the dates you have entered.

    • You can request a reservation for the dates that are available in Dockwa, and leave a special request in your submission for any additional dates desired.

    • Or you can reach out to the marina directly via their contact information on their main Dockwa page, and let them know which dates you're interested in.

Note: If you have already spoken to the marina and they believe there should be rates for those dates, please let us know: Contact us Here

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